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What Makes News Important?

Historically, journalism served the purpose of exposing deceit and corruption with stories that served the purpose of benefiting the general public. The idealism behind journalism was to keep democratic societies informed of atrocities and corruption so the people would be protected and allow individuals to make educated and informed decisions.

So what exactly a story that is considered news worthy? In order to determine what substance and content is news, the definition needs to be broadened to define what is important. Politics, culture, society, and people all fall within to define what is important, as these topics directly affect a large population within the general public. If an event occurred within these guidelines that would provide significant benefits to the general public if they were informed, than it is important enough to bring attention to.

But what matters to the mass audience and the general public? Most news sources need to provide information that strikes the balance between entertaining and substantially informative. The ideal behind news content is to provide hard hitting facts and content to help advance people and their interests.

Mainstream Media: New Sources With an Agenda

Mainstream media today is owned by larger corporations with agendas behind the information they provide. Mainstream media will generally provide information that highlights what provides leverage for their personal beliefs and opinions, while typically providing negative information about matters that go against their beliefs. This only provides a biased and one sided view to news stories, which is intended to shape the public’s opinion and the outcome of a situation. Additionally, much of what is portrayed in mainstream media is created to grasp the attention of their audience while not always providing information with much substance or importance, such as producing significant media coverage about what is going on in the lives of celebrities, sports, or fluffy news stories. This sort of information does not aid in informing society of what is genuinely important or does not present the story with facts, but with opinion.


For many individuals, they turn to mainstream media because it agrees with their current beliefs and opinions. The media is supposed to serve the purpose of providing information to the general public in regards to society, politics, current world affairs, current local and national affairs, religion, and culture in a non-biased manner to keep society informed. But through propaganda, one-sided stories, and over-the-top advertisements, mainstream media enables individuals to become informed only on what they want to be informed of, utilizing their media source as leverage for their personal beliefs and opinions. The purpose behind journalism, a quest for truth, has become tainted by slanted and spun stories indented to fill the general public with one-sided stories to fulfill their own agendas.

The biggest problem we face with mainstream media is that the general public may not have access to the full story or are not provided with the valuable information that would allow people to make educated and informed decisions. If mainstream media sources are so biased, then how does the general population become well informed and educated about events taking place?

Independent Media: Your Source for Important News

When it comes to politics, society, culture, public affairs, world news, and religion, it is difficult to nearly impossible to find an unbiased news source within mainstream media, which is why independent new sources have become increasingly available and popular among the general public. Independent media sources tend to avoid using the glitzy advertisements and commercials that are used to initially lure viewers in. Independent news sources also avoid one-sided stories that show that everything is right in the world, with the Western World the star feature as the center of the universe, never doing anything wrong. Independent news sources provide a wider array of topics from all across the globe, allowing viewers to become more informed about a variety of stories. Independent media sources try to provide their viewers with neutral stories, relying on presenting information with hard-hitting facts with no biased opinion attempting to sway their viewers. It’s not to say that it may occur, but generally independent new sources attempt to stay as neutral as possible so that their viewers become educated and informed, not swayed into a belief or an opinion.


With the rise of the digital era, independent media sources is becoming increasingly more available and accessible to viewers. In addition to actual media sources, there are a multitude of independent media platforms, which draws attention to particular stories from a multitude of independent media sources to provide their readers with various stories of interest.

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